It’s hard to pick a handful of Incubus songs to call “essential”. Because this band has a history of putting out amazing singles and banger records. But this short list comprises our favorite songs.

“Anna Molly” came out in 2006 and raced up the charts to peak at #66 on the Billboard hot 100. The album it belonged to was at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200. And this song’s upbeat melody with some stunning guitar work certainly helped. The song is all about the search for the perfect girlfriend for lead singer Brandon, who is unlike any other.

“Just a Phase” is a more mellow song that we had to include on our list. It speaks to issues that we might have that we struggle to get rid of or talk about or that we know should have been resolved way sooner. It’s a rich song with a mesmerizing guitar and lyrics that has multiple meanings depending on where the listener is in their life.

Finally, be sure to check out “Pardon Me”.  It’s a song that’s full of the energy that we feel when we’re so fed up with the situations life throws our way. But rather than getting crushed by it, we just throw it away and live life on our own terms. It’s a powerful and relatable message.